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A Ritter Insurance Marketing Company


Quick Insured Brokerage (QIB), a Ritter Insurance Marketing Company, is a wholesale brokerage agency located in Medina, Ohio, with additional offices in Gainesville, GA and Fort Wayne, IN. The agency was founded in 1998 on the principals and premise that local matters, so we have staff in each state that we service.  

Our merger with Ritter Insurance Marketing at the end of 2020 has proved to be a tremendous fit. Being a family-owned agency, as we have been, our values are inline and that translates to the service that we provide the brokers that we work with. So, in addition to our local support, we now have the national support and tools provided by a national FMO. We are now top of hierarchy with most carriers, which eliminates the middleman for you. We have a first class Medicare Advantage and Prescription drug enrollment platform, full CRM, quoting platform for Medicare Supplement, Final Expense, Dental and Indemnity plans, as well as a ton of co-op opportunities. In addition to first class support and service. We also have a dedicated team that is there to assist you on all your life insurance, annuity, LTC, HHC, ancillary products, dental, indemnity plans and more. We can support you with all of your needs. Our carrier partners have been carefully chosen to add the highest of quality and value to your portfolio. Our core objective is to assist you in building and servicing your agency by offering carriers and products which enable you and your staff the time needed to focus on growth and service.  We believe our partnership must be MORE THAN JUST A CONTRACT!

In this ever-changing market, it is critical to have new ideas, sales concepts, products, and services to offer your clients, so that you can stay ahead of the competition. At QIB we believe that our relationship with each of our brokers is a partnership and together we will grow, so we do everything in our power to assist our partners in their efforts to expand. A few of the key value propositions we provide:

  1. Medicareful enrollment platform for MAPD and PDP enrollments
  2. ACA Enrollment platform provided to all brokers
  3. Quoting Tool for Medicare Supplement, MAPD, PDP, Indemnity and Final Expense plans
  4. Best in class Medicare Advantage Lead program
  5. Medicare Playbook and a guide on “Where to Fish”
  6. Connect brokers with carrier co-op dollars and programs
  7. Integrate brokers in local clinic opportunities
  8. Retail opportunities (Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Kroger, etc.)
  9. Face to face meetings whenever the need arises

The senior market is one of the fastest growing markets, with over 10,000 people a day turning 65 for the next 15 years and with the expansion of the ACA market over the past year it is ready for explosive growth, expanded enrollment period, more subsidies, and more carriers.

Our sales staff is experienced, certified, and ready to assist.

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