At Quick Insured Brokerage (QIB) we are constantly evaluating the industry in an effort to bring value added programs, tools and ideas to assist the brokers that we work with in the sales process, ultimately helping you drive more revenue to your agency.

Today, we have one of the best Medicare lead programs in the industry. Our program is more accessible to the average broker than most.  You can qualify for QIB dollars with only five placed applications in a calendar year quarter. With five issued clients you would only pay $200 for a 1,000 piece lead drop.  With 10 issued clients you would only pay $100.  With 15 issued clients you would have a free 1,000 piece mail drop. There’s an option for every producer.

Couple this with the competitive portfolio of carriers that we have at all times, you will always have a competitive product to sell and qualify for lead dollars.

Another fantastic value that QIB provides is a FREE quoting tool for all brokers who have a contract with us. This tool allows you to quote all Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage and Final Expense plans that we have contracts with. It allows you to provide a fantastic comparison proposal to your prospects.  It also includes carrier age slopes, underwriting guidelines, access to carrier electronic applications and a host of other data and information.

We also have a best in class ACA Referral program.  Many brokers do not want to get certified to sell ACA or Medicare Advantage plans and as a result cannot write them and as a result leave revenue on the table and your client exposed for another broker to swoop in and create a relationship.  We have the solution for you.  QIB has partnered with BrokerSource to provide you a turn key referral system that will pay you 40% of the commission with a simple referral.

On the idea front, you should be talking about GoodRX with all of your clients that take prescription medications. It is free, does not interfere with an insured’s current PBM, it’s simple to use and can significantly reduce their prescription drug expenses. See detals on Good RX tab for details.

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