ACA Referral Program

Brought to you by Quick Insured Brokerage 

This is a must have referral program for ALL brokers, whether you are a P & C agent, life producer, financial planner, group producer or senior producer. There is always business you run across that you do not write, whether it be due to certification requirements or it is just not in your comfort zone. Given you are a clients trusted advisor on other products, why not assist them on products that you do not specialize in so you can be assured they are taken care and benefit economically for it, it is a win for both of you. We have a program that does just this.

We are excited to announce a strategic partnership with InsureOne Benefits (IOB) an industry leader in the individual and ACA market.

The process is very simple and the answer for many brokers.


  • E-mail a few pieces of data on your referral prospect to InsureOne Benefits
  • InsureOne Benefits enrollment specialist will reach out to your referral prospect
  • They will work with the prospect and determine who the best carrier is for them and they will enroll them over the phone
  • They service all enrolled customers going forward
  • And here is the best thing, you earn commissions of 25-35% of the earned/paid carrier commissions first year and renewal


1. Complete a short agent agreement, Agent Information Document and W9
2. Include a copy of your state license and E & O coverage

As simple as this and you will be ready to go!